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My name is Corin and I am the face behind North Floral Design. I created North in 2020, aged 22 with a huge passion for flowers, colour, and the opportunity to share what I love with others.

All About North

Taking that big step to open up my own business was a dream I'd had for a long time. Growing up I always loved art and nature but honestly, floristry wasn't on my radar. Until a job came up locally for a trainee florist. I remember going in for a days trial, and from that moment I just knew floristry was the path for me. Fast forward and here we are. My little dream very much a reality- which is just amazing. 

Working from a little pink cabin on my family's croft in Rearquhar, Dornoch, I create unique floral arrangements, continually inspired by the beautiful landscape that surrounds the amazing little part of the world that I call home. Those who have visited me at the cabin can confirm how small it is, but the views are really top quality! For me, its the perfect little space for me to get creative. Although I work on my own our dogs are usually in the middle of things, keeping me company. Oh and I can't forget the cat, horse and sheep which make an appearance too!

My work is colourful, wild but elegant. My aim is to just be myself through my work- offering customers a modern but beautiful take on floristry. 

I really feel like this is just the beginning for North, and I can't wait to see where this adventure takes me.

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