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A floral display isn't just for a wedding. Flowers, whether fresh or dried can add such character to a room, a lovely welcome into your business to customers and clients, a real statement piece at a party/celebration or a little wow factor for a community event.


In a social media driven world a floral installation can be the perfect backdrop for that Instagram snap, making your business stand out from the crowd and attract customers and clients. 

Designed for You

Tailored especially for you, the installations can be a permanent feature or just for a single event.  They can be made using fresh, dried or artificial materials which gives so many options. 

Glen Affric Instal
The Pier

Mark the Occasion 

Garden parties, birthday parties, christenings, community celebrations ...there's always an excuse for flowers! 

Whatever the occasion I'd love to come and create an installation for you.There are so many design options and I can hire our archway frames, pedestals and stands.

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