north bouquets

North bouquets are available on a weekly basis in a florists choice design,using the best flowers available. You can always expect a beautiful colour palette and amazing textures in each design. 

Wrapped in recyclable paper and tied with a silk ribbon, both eco friendly and on trend.

To place an order please send North an email or send a message on Facebook.

Bouquets start at £20 then go up in £5 to as much as you would like.I can make a bouquet as big as you'd like-check out my social media posts to see some massive boujee bouquets!

When enquiring about flowers please let me know-

-who they are for

-the address

-a contact number

-a message for the card

Please see below for delivery zones.

As North is a small business there is limited availability each week so get in touch as soon as you can to avoid disappointment. 

Walk ins not available.